Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, the power of (apple) marketing

A well-made commercial could land you in a fancy-pants sports car you have no need for. A convincing radio spot could have you detouring for the nearest laysik vision center. A mailer (and the promise of KOHL’s Cash) can fill your closet with clothes you may never wear – but at least they were on sale!

Not me. My car is paid off and I have no plans for a new one right now. I have perfect eyesight. And the KOHL’s cash…I can resist that about 60% of the time.

But I am a sucker for the music. The small screen is full of old, catchy songs that no doubt were purchased at bargain basement prices. I hear one and I have to have it in my ipod.

I first fell victim to what I am sure is an itunes scam with a little diddy called “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim. You remember the commercial…there were animals singing in the back seat of an SUV. Thank you, Jeep Cherokee.

To further back-up my theory that this is an apple scandal…I nearly…NEARLY…fell for it again and downloaded Lollipop by the Chordettes. I’d heard it many times before and never thought twice about downloading it…until the brightly colored laptops choreographed an assembly-line dance to the song. You nearly got me, apple, but this particular 99 cent victory belongs to ME!

Confession: I watch Greek on ABC Family. Don’t judge. When Jesse McCartney was on the show for…mmmm…about half a season, they ran some ads for the show that featured his song “How do you sleep”. Downloaded. Well done, ABC Family. Or should I say apple?

Most recently…a commercial that I only saw once has left a snappy tune in my head for days. After some research, it has been determined that the song is “Everyday” by Buddy Holly. I couldn’t recall what the commercial was for, so it failed miserably in the area of product recognition, but…and I hate to admit this…it will likely be added to my ipod. I looked it up and the commercial was for the Blackberry Torch. Perhaps the Blackberry marketing department should consult with the apple marketing department.

Do tell…what songs have landed on YOUR ipod all because of a commercial, a tv show or a movie? Don’t leave me hanging, blogger friends.