Monday, August 31, 2009

My friend Sara

Sometimes she only wants mommy or daddy to hold her.
Sometimes she actually lets someone else hold her without throwing an all-out fit.
On this particular night, she liked Sara. Two nights before this was a different story all together.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carrots Shmarrots! YUCK!

Guess who doesn't like carrots. Or butternut squash. Or green beans.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Love from Wichita Falls

Uncle Charlie loves Carly. He doesn't like to give her up - not even to his wife, my sister, her aunt...Cathy. We love that she is so loved.
Doesn't this picture say it all or what?
Who is that in the background?

Aunt Cathy takes her loving when she can get it and Carly is always glad to give it to her.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mommy: The Mullet Killer

While I was being prepped for my c-section I befriended the nurse, Ashley. I have mentioned her before - I LOVED HER! Anyway... I asked Ashley for a favor: When the baby comes out (we didn't know her name until we saw her), I just want to know that a.she's still a girl and b. that she has hair. Looking back, I probably should have asked for a thumbs-up on her overall health. Oops.

So as they pulled my sweet baby girl out of me, I heard Ashley call out, "It's still a girl. And she has lots of hair!" Phshew!

Everyone told me that babies lose their hair; that it thins out and falls out. And man did it! - except, that is, on the back of her neck. The hair back there held on, grew and stayed dark, dark, dark. Yes, Carly had a baby mullet.
At first friends and family told me not to cut it, so I left it alone. It grew while the hair everywhere else on her head thinned and then finally began coming back in a thick fuzz.
The mullet began to haunt me. I wasn't even 6 months in to this motherhood thing and already I was giving my daughter that hairstyle - you know, the one (or two or three) bad hairstyles that every little girl resents her mother for. Let's face it. It may be "party in the back", but who wants to go to a mullet party?!
So with the encouragement of some friends and family, I gained enough courage to cut the mullet. Yes, I did it myself. No, I didn't use hair-cutting scissors. It's not perfect, but the mullet is gone.

Carly hearts Daddy

Last weekend was full of daddy-daughter time.

First, they watched the Cowboys game together and Daddy told Carly about his favorite team.

Then Daddy taught Carly how to play Texas Hold 'Em. Once she caught on Carly was giving Daddy pointers. She's so smart.

Can you tell whose hair she has inherited? Her dad's. It brushes straight down on to her forward. Don't worry - I am trying my best to train it to part on the side. Fingers crossed!

The better to chew on my toys with, my dear

It's here! Carly's first chomper.
See it? Just to the right off the middle?

Am I a bad mom because I am sad that it is coming in crooked? Shouldn't I just be happy that she has teeth? I mean...tooth? Or is it politically correct that I wish for straight teeth?
The good news - knock on wood - is that Carly is handling teething very well. Thank Goodness!

Thirsty Thursday

She doesn't always get distracted by beer bottles, but when she does she prefers Dos Equis.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ConGRADulations, Christy!

My youngest sister, Christy graduated from UTA on August 15th. We are so proud of her! Just two days after graduation, she started her new post-degree job. Isn't that awesome - especially in this economy?

I left my camera at my parent's house during the ceremony, so all of the cap and gown pics are on Cathy's camera and she hasn't emailed then to me yet (hint, hint).
After commencement, the party commenced!

Max is quite the stud muffin.

The later the evening the went on, the more beers that were downed and the crazier the guests became. Enter Shana.
All it took was the displaying of the Dixie Belle sign by my dad to inspire these drill team alums to break out the old routines. No drop-splits, of course. We wanted to avoid any major injuries.

And while his wife was making a fool of herself, Charlie snuck off to check on his favorite T-Tiny. BUSTED, Uncle Charlie!
Lola used the beer tubs as a water bowl. Whatever works, I guess.

Even as adults, we tend to revert to our middle school dance socialization - girls one one side, boys on the other.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodbye Old Dodge

Goodbye Old Dodge.
You were comfortable and spacious.

You were tall, but Lola could still "Load Up".

(Sorry, forgot to turn this picture)

You were a good truck, Old Dodge.

Hello, New GMC!

Hello, New GMC. I think that we are going to like you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who needs a pacifier when you have a perfectly good dress?

This raspberry thing is NOT my pacifier. You can't fool me.

But this dress...It's so yummy.

T-Tiny loves to pull at her clothes and chew on them if they reach to her mouth. So if she is wearing a dress the next time you see her, beware. She's a little flasher!

Aunt Cathy Uncle Charlie visit

Last weekend my parents headed to Branson, Missouri (or as I call it, "Old People Country") to meet my uncle for a short vacation. I asked them to get me a Mandrell Sister autograph while they were there, but no such luck. You know the Mandrell Sisters - Barbara, Louise and Irlene. I remember watching thier Christmas special when I was young. It aired in 1986. Wow, I have a great memory!..either that or my parents recorded it and we watched it for years to follow.
Back on subject. With the 'rents out of town, I needed someone to keep Carly on Friday. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Charlie to the rescue!
It's official. Uncle Charlie is HOOKED! He barely let her go all weekend. SO CUTE!

From Carly:

Thanks, Uncle Charlie and Aunt Cathy for coming to stay with me. I may not have napped very much (or at all, really), but I had fun with you two! I can't wait to see you this weekend! I love you!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

modest baby..and mommy

We took Carly swimming again at my parents' house.
She must be a modest baby because she didn't like showing all of that skin in her bikini.

I think she gets it from her modest mommy who hid behind the floaty as much as she could and then cropped the picture to cut out her body.
FYI...She is still too small for that little floaty thing.
Maybe next year.
And she doesn't dig the morning water. It's too cold. She much prefers the later afternoon-evening water that has been heated by the sun. Can you blame her?

Monday, August 10, 2009

First trip to Tarleton

A few weeks ago, our friend Brady got married on Tarleton's campus, so we made the trip down there to share in his and Sarah's special day. It was Carly's first trip to Tarleton. Had it not been raining AND after her bedtime, we would have taken more pictures.
After changing Munchkin in to her pajamas in the parking lot, we quickly snapped this picture. Luck for us the smokestack made a good background. Unlucky for us the picture quality isn't too great.
Future Texan? We hope so, but of course we won't push it.