Sunday, February 28, 2010

Splish Splash

As long as it keeps her out of Lola's food bowl, I am okay with her playing in the water bowl.

Happy Heart Day, Our Heart!

Carly's first heart day was low-key, but "love"ly, none the less.
The only pics I took were of her opening (and eating) her gifts.
Good morning, crazy hair!

Why do all babies try to eat the tissue paper?
And dogs. Lola likes to eat paper, too. Paper towels, kleenex, tissue paper, note pad paper...

And, of course, the dvd was yummy, too!

Happy first Love Day, our love!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something you never see in Texas

Nope. This picture was not taken in one of our northern states. It's not Wisconsin. It's not Minnesota. It's not Pennsylvania.
This picture was taken in NRH TX at Sarah's 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies Watching Party.
Clever. Very Clever.

Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Lola! ...Or is it?

While watching some local news coverage of the recent snow activity, we saw this picture of a dog that looks just like Lola. We paused the show and showed the dog to Lola. She started barking at the cute pup and jumping up on the entertainment center. You had to be there, I guess, because it was pretty funny.
It looks just like her, doesn't it?

Snow way!

14 inches of snow in Texas? SNOW WAY!
Lola didn't make it very far out the door before she decided to turn around and come back in.

Thanks, Melissa, for braving the icy street to take our picture.
We're just glad that you didn't get hurt!
Check out Lola in these pictures.
She LOVES to run in the snow (but only if someone is outside with her).

You can barely see Lola in this picture...she kind of blends in, huh?

And here is the crazy here after we took off the hat.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some things I skipped

So there I was organizing my digital pics when I came across an entire folder of fun blogging material that never made it to So here goes...One big blogging flashback!
Carly got her first professional haircut in early January. It was getting a little shaggy, hanging in her eyes and was longer in some areas than in others. We thought that a quick snip here and there would clean it up and help it grow in nice and neat. We took her to Pigtails and Crew Cuts in Southlake, a salon especially for kids.
Here are the before pictures. As you can see, we were nearing another baby mullet.

We plopped her down in to a plane. What little kid wouldn't like to have her hair cut inside a plane? Carly, that's who.

After a few minutes of SCU-REAM-ING, we moved to a chair - and daddy's lap.
We thought we were in the clear...

...until that lady with the scissors came back. Dangit.
That little baby was flinging her head left - right - up - down - back. She wanted none of it!

But when we were finished and the camera was on her again...
She was a happy trooper. She loves having her picture taken!
Carly doesn't like it when I wash her hands and face after she finishes eating.
She prefers to let Lola wash her hands.
(This pic was pre-hair cut).

Freddy and I love to have people over to watch football games. So when the Cowboys made the playoffs Freddy decided to go all out. As in out in to the driveway. He and Austin set up some tents? canopies?, hung some tarp and set up an industrial heater. Here's what they created...

I must admit it was quite cozy. Can you see the extra seating area by the new grill?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Will the mommy-daughter photo shoots ever end?

With a baby as cute as Carly, I DOUBT IT!

Let me begin with some canine humor.

I decided to set Carly on the couch and capture the cuteness (mission accomplished!). My focus was on her. What angle would be best? Should I open the blinds behind her? Should I close them? How can I make her laugh? Smile? For twenty minutes (TOPS) I turned the camera, tickled the baby, snapped pictures, etc.

After the final camera click I turned around. There she was. Lola. She had something in her mouth and she was chewing it like she did rawhide treats. Wait. I didn't give her a treat. What IS that in her mouth?

NO! It couldn't be Carly's toothbrush! Oh, but it was.

I know what you're thinking - How did she get her toothbrush? Wasn't it in the bathroom? In a toothbrush holder high on the counter?

Well...I may have had it in the living room. What can I say? A mom will give her baby just about anything to keep her happy - as long as it is safe, that is. Plus, I really want her to like brushing her toothbrush. Brushy, brushy brushy!

Here is what was left:

And now for the cuteness. Let the ooh-ing and ah-ing begin!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started with a special delivery for Freddy...his new grill! His old gas grill died, so I replaced it. Now we have gas and charcoal...perfect!

Carly got a toy that popped up balls. She loved it, but I think the adults loved it more.

Josh and Melissa had to work and couldn't travel back to Arkansas, so they joined us for Christmas lunch. Carly loves Melissa and loves her jewelry, too!

We gave pickles and second shot and they were still a hit!

Family Snap Shot.

Carly loved playing with Nana and Grandpa!

Freddy tried to give Carly snow, but she wasn't a big fan.
We spent a lot of time just visiting with each other,
but most of the day was spent watching Carly play with her new toys. It's the Carly Show!
Later that night Freddy called Austin down and initiated a snow ball fight. No, he is not making yellow snow in this picture.

Merry Christmas in February, blog followers!