Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I wonder what she is dreaming about...

I love how she sleeps with her mouth open and her hands by her face.

I don't think she is a big fan of being burped.

Check out the hail we got last night. Luckily it only caused several small dings on the roof of Freddy's truck. The cars at the dealership just a few miles away weren't as lucky. They had broken windshields and huge dents. Carly slept through it all - of course she was beside the dryer at the time which probably drowned out the noise.

Tiger Beat Confessions

You remember Tiger Beat, don't you? It was that Kirk-Cameron-and-New-Kids-On-The-Block-clad magazine that was SO cool among the tween scene in the late 80's, early 90's. Come on, you know you read it. Or maybe you were more of a BOP magazine kind of person. Either way...Think Tiger Beat and BOP while reading this post.

Tiger Beat Confession:

My name is Cheryl Clark and I downloaded the new Jesse McCartney song on to my ipod yesterday. Since then I have listened to it about 6 times. Yes, I popped in the ear plugs while my newborn baby girl was napping.

But my confession doesn't end there. I never would have heard that song had it not been in a commercial for the new season of the ABC Family tv show, Greek - which I have watched since the very first episode, which Jesse will be on this season. I love it! And it has North Texas ties. One character (Cappie)went to Collin County Community College and another (Evan) is from Dallas. And she isn't from North Texas, but Casey is Kelsey Gamar's daughter.

Okay, it's not very accurate when it comes to Greek life, but it's still a good show. I mean, everyone knows that you can't call it Rush anymore, that the new member (NOT pledge) process doesn't take an entire school year and Franny can't deactivate the sorority and start a new one - at least not one that is recognized by panhellinic.

I'm off my sorority soap box now. Here's the Jesse McCartney video. Enjoy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

What was your baby doing at 5:30 this morning?

Because my baby was working on her fourth hour of a 5 and a half hour colic episode, so I put her in her bouncy seat next to the dryer (Thanks, Lesley, for the tip). It calmed her but did not put her to sleep. I hate colic. I can't stand to see my baby unsettled and screaming.
When she was born, the nurses commented on how good of a sleeper she was; always calm and peaceful even when surrounded by a chorus of screaming newborns.
We say she has colic because she is showing all of the signs: she balls up, clenches her fists and her "episodes" are during the night. It all started right after I stopped breast feeding (yup, that made me feel like a bad mom). After a few days we called the doctor and the nurse there suggested we switch her to a gentler formula. I am hoping that once her body gets used to the new formula she will sleep better at night. Say a prayer for us.

I know that everyone wants to know how Lola has been adjusting. Well, she has been beyond awesome! She is actually calmer now. She sniffs Carly, but won't lick her. She checks on her - peering over the side of the bed in to her bassinet. If you try to put Carly by her, she walks away because she is super cautious around her.
She also guard dogs her. Lola follows me everywhere. That is unless a "stranger" is holding Carly, in which case she stays right beside Carly after she has thoroughly sniffed the stranger and let them know that she is watching them.
Lola sleeps on the bed with us, so when I would nurse Carly in the bed in the middle of the night, I would have to adjust the pillows, etc. and sometimes that would displace Lola to another part of the bed. At first she was a little put out, but she is adjusting.
The other night when Carly was having a rough night, Lola actually went in to the kitchen and tried to sleep in her crate. After Carly fell asleep Freddy had to go in there and physically carry her back in to the bedroom. Yes, we could have let her sleep there but we don't want Lola to resent Carly so we are continuing to let her sleep with us in our bed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Shutting 'em down and drying 'em up!

I tried. I really did. But it just wasn't for me. I'm talking about breastfeeding (sorry, Jeremy. I know you don't even like reading about me putting my bra in the wrong drawer, so you may want to stop here).
I gave it 13 days. I could go in to the details, but I will spare you. Basically, Carly was doing okay but not great with it and I was left engorged between feedings. I didn't want to pump all day because then my body would think that Carly needed that much milk and she doesn't. It would be a viscous circle.
Since I am among friends and family, I will be completely honest here. I also had some more selfish reasons for wanting to quit. I didn't want to be tied to a three hour feeding schedule - either breast feeding or pumping all day long. I wanted the freedom that comes with a bottle-fed baby.
But freedom don't come free! Yesterday morning at 5 am was the last time that I nursed. My breasts HURT. Currently, I am trying everything to ease the pain. My sports bra is stuffed with cabbage leaves, I am downing sage tea and hundreds (literally) ounces of water and I used frozen peas to ease the swelling.
I dreaded sleeping last night because I thought it would be beyond painful, but I stayed on my back and I was fine. Okay, the hydrocodone probably helped but at least I was able to sleep pain-free! Today is better than yesterday and I hope that tomorrow brings major relief like the Internet blogs are saying it will.
And here are some pictures of Carly from this week. She gets more and more alert every day. She is super strong. She throws her head around and kicks really hard when you are changing her diaper and also kicks off the side of her bassinet. And if you swaddle her arms down, it's just a matter of seconds before she wiggles them free. She is perfect and awesome.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Cuteness

Every Baby is Different

I could make this blog a play by play of Carly's life, but the only people that would appreciate that would be her grandparents, aunts, etc. so I will spare you. Here are some pictures to start off the blog.

When I was pregnant I got a lot of advice. I appreciate it all. I took in what I wanted and disregarded the rest (another piece of advice that I got once). Well, once Carly was here we got more advice and more instructions. Again, I appreciate it all. I like to take in as much information as I can.

The most frustrating part of having a baby, for us anyway, has been the different instructions we got from the professionals. Every nurse at the hospital had different "instructions" on feeding, sleeping, etc. It has been hard to figure out what to do, but we are making our own choices and they seem to be working for us. She sleeps and eats so well!

So, the best advice that I have gotten (and I have gotten this piece of advice quite a few times) is: Every baby is different. Do what works best for you. Of course, I am a questionaholic. I ask all my mommy friends for advice. For example, poor Sara has been bombarded with my questions about feeding, eating, pumping, etc. Sara did Baby Wise like I am trying to do. She charted her baby's sleeping, eating, pooping, peeing, etc. just like I am doing. She still has her charts and I actually asked her to copy them for me - just for reference and reassurance!

Sorry for the picture, Shelby. It was the only one I had.

And now I would like to finish off this blog with a thank you.
Align Center

Thank you, Freddy, for being the most amazing, supportive, caring husband ever. You are THE BEST. I will cry when you have to go back to work tomorrow. When I married you I didn't think that I could love you anymore but somehow, in the last 5 days my love for you has grown. I am bursting at the seems with love for you and our daughter.

I am lucky to have you for my husband. Carly is lucky to have you as a father. We love you, we love you, we love you.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're in LOVE

Freddy and I are in LOVE! Yes, with each other but now with our precious, perfect, beautiful baby girl, too.
Carly Dilyn Clark made her debut on Friday, March 13th at 12:21 pm. She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 18.25 inches long. She is tall and skinny and has LOTS of hair.
The c-section wasn't as scary as I thought and that is thanks in great part to our wonderful nurse, Ashley, who was with me the entire time. I plan on writing her a thank you card.
Carly is healthy and a very happy baby. Our first night was rough, but it could have been worse, we know that. Last night was much better. She is SO GOOD. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!
On to the pictures - that's what everyone wants to see anyway, right?

There are hundreds more pictures and I promise to post more when I have some more time, but I at least wanted to get a few up to tie everyone over for a while.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lent...A few days late

Every year for lent I give up something food related. Four years ago I gave up cokes. I haven't had one since! The last two years I have given up fried foods and desserts. That is tough!
This year I decided that I would take my pregnant/new mom pass and not give up anything. Well, besides being pregnant.
Then, last week I thought of something that I could give up - SHOULD give up anyway. Checking my email and texting while driving, stop signs and stop lights included. So, there you have it. I am no longer one of those annoying texting drivers. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Random Readings

Only 9 days until the baby girl is here! According to her sonogram Monday she is still breech but packed on the weight since her last visit. I know they aren't always very accurate, but they say that she now weighs 6 lbs. 5 ounces. Must have been all that ice cream I was eating!

3 days until I get my dog back! She is doing very well in her training but has become very attached to her trainer, Alan. She sleeps against his chest every night. Are you kidding me?! This dog doesn't like to be touched by anyone! I hope she still likes me when she sees me on Saturday.

Freddy and I are having a final date night this Friday. Any suggestions?

If I can find the time, I really want to read a book I've been hearing TONS about. It's called The Shack. Anyone read it yet?

I have to do pre-op stuff next Thursday, which includes giving blood. You know, just in case. That makes me feel REAL good! Anyway...if they don't need to use it, can I donate it and will that count as "Donating Blood" on my Thirty by Thirty list?

Am I the only person who compiles an entire notebook - yes, a three-ring binder - for my 8 week maternity leave? Please someone tell me I am not the only person who has done this. Yes, I have problems delegating. I know that, but I don't plan on doing anything about it anytime soon.
And to top it all off, my friend Shelby's brain is all fixed! Yay for good brain surgeons and lots and lots of prayers.