Friday, October 30, 2009

Mo Bows!

I have bought tons of ribbon lately, but haven't made many bows... until the other night.
I'm back on the bow-making! To all my friends with baby girls, look out! because there will likely be some cute bows headed your way.
It seems that they are getting bigger, doesn't it? Well, they are! I just think that Carly looks SOOOO cute with the bigger bows now. I'll save the smaller ones for when we start clipping her hair back and putting it in pig tails.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Real men play poker in Snuggies

A couple of weekends ago, Freddy and I attended (as in I socialized and Freddy participated in) a poker tournament that benefited the Komen 3-Day Walk for breast cancer.
Freddy got a bit chilly, so Austin loaned him his Snuggie. Freddy said that all it was missing was a big white star smack-dab in the middle. Christmas gift?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hats off!

Thanks, Melissa, for letting me wear your hat. It's was a little big, but I still managed to rock it!

Our child the pacifier thief Part 2

This is my other friend, Kinsey. Kinsey is Kasen's twin sister.
What's wrong, Kinsey?

Do you want a pacifier?

No? Well, then do you want me to have your pacifier?

What?! What did I do?

Okay, fine. You can have it back.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Child the Pacifier Thief

This is me and my friend, Kasen.

Hi, Kasen. You're so cute!

Oops. Sorry. Didn't mean to get ya in the eye.

My pacifier is yummy.

Is your pacifier yummy?

Here, I'll taste test it for you.
It's alright.
What?! What did I do?
See? Everyone is happy. No harm done.

Ooh. The camera. I LOVE the camera.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carly is going to have a little friend!

Don't get too excited, people. I said friend, not sibling.
Morgan and Rachel came and stayed with us last weekend because Morgan had laysik in Southlake. Yay for Morgan!
Even more exciting than that is the fact that Carly let Morgan hold her without crying! Ahhh, the advantages of having a baby that is happy in the morning.
Even more exciting than that... Carly is going to have a little friend next April when Morgan and Rachel have their first baby. Everyone is thinking boy (to tell you the truth, I am too), but I am HOPING - fingers crossed - for a sweet girl that I can make bows for.
We are SOOOOO excited for them!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happens when you leave your camera unattended to take care of your child

When you leave your camera unattended (because let's face it, even though your husband is there it is still unattended) in a garage full of neighbors to tend to your sweet t-tiny baby as any good mother would, you get pictures like these:

See? This is why even though your husband is there, it doesn't matter.

I'll spare you the pics of the chick on the grill, the trash cans and the shelves of cleaning products and I'll only show the pics of the neighbors.

Yummy Baby Feet

It's Carly's new game - kicking down the bumper pad and sticking her feet out through the crib slats.

Lola waits patiently until the perfect opportunity presents itself -

- for licking yummy baby feet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Poor Carly. Her sweet, sweet hair always falls forward - straight down her forehead just like her daddy's hair. Soon it will be long enough to pin back without looking goofy. Until then, we always part her hair after she gets a bath, hoping that it will learn to "swoop" to the side.

Apparently Lola does not think that we wash Carly very well, so she lends a hand (or tongue)when she can.

They're still besties!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Her outfit - Touchdown!

Who is shocked that Carly has a Dallas Cowboys outfit complete with football hairbow, Cowboys pacifier and pacifier clip?
No one? That;s what we figured.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Congratulations to Tovah and Chris!

Our friends Tovah and Chris recently got married in Vegas. They hosted us and other friends and family to celebrate their marriage. We had a blast.
Totally slacking, I failed to get a picture of the happy couple.
BUT...I did get a pic of me and Hudson. Wasn't it sweet that Huddie shared his hat with me?

And I managed to snap one of me, Lesley and Tovah.

Congratulations Tovah and Chris!

Bundle Up!

Bundle Up because you-know-where has frozen over.
I. Mowed. The yard. The entire yard.
This is the first time since we moved in to our house 4 1/2 years ago and only the second time my entire life. The first time was when the city of Stephenville my roomates and I a notice that threatened a fine if we didn't mow our yard. I mean, we would have mowed it, but Alesha broke the brand new lawn mower her dad bought her when she neglected to put oil in it.
So what motivated me to mow? When Freddy announced that he would be mowing, I knew it meant that I would have to stay with Carly and skip the trip to the gym. So rather than that sit on my ever-growing butt, I decided to mow and burn a calorie or two.
Aside from the run-in with the fence (see pic below), it wasn't that bad. It also wasn't the great workout that everyone claims it is.
Lola was so confused by what was going on that she followed me around the yard the entire time. SOOO cute!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Open your eyes, Dad!

I don't know when this started, because it has just become an issue in the past few months, but...
Every time I take a picture of Freddy his eyes are some degree of closed.
Carly has it down, though. See?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a night!

Last week Carly and I met Chelsea and Cambree for dinner. The girls' due dates were two days apart, but Cambree was born eight weeks early.
That night I made the mistake of giving Carly her very first Puff (basically small pieces of baby cereal that melt in her mouth). BIG MISTAKE! Carly choked on it and threw up an entire bottle's worth of slimy milk - in to my hand (which was there to catch it - a mommy reflex), on the table and down my legs. Yum!
This was clearly payback for the time I gave Lauren's baby Hadley a piece of bread before she had ever even had her first puff (in my defense: I didn't know the rules of baby feeding yet, it was the soft, inside part of the bread and Lauren had brought Puffs with her to that lunch!)
Amazingly, Carly was happy through the rest of the dinner and we were all able to have a good time, despite the linger smell of...Moms, how do you describe that smell?
After dinner we took some pictures of the girls in front of the flowers. I should have known from the first picture that my sweet baby was not going to sit still - but it did make for cute pictures!

We got about three good pictures in before...

Carly got distracted by Cambree...
and started pulling on her...
and hugging her...
Poor Cambree. She just couldn't escape Carly's iron grip!
Thanks, Chels and Cambree for meeting us for dinner.