Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pop Culture Equation

3 1/2 month old baby + full-time job + radio constantly tuned in to sports talk radio + TV always on TLC = Pop Culture Stupidity.

Until today I thought that Shia LaBeouf was...

a. A girl

b. Shyla Boof

Give me a break. I've haven't seen Transformers and have never had any interest in the movie. And...If you remember, I just realized a few years ago that Mary Poppins and Maria from The Sound Of Music are the same woman - Julie Andrews.
I can, however, hold an intellegent conversation on the upcoming Cowboys season and my new favorite series, The Little Couple. Thank you, The Ticket and The Learning Channel.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Mossimo

June 15, 2009

Attn: Shoe Department
9 Pasteur
Irvine, CA 92618

To Whom It May Concern:

Several years ago I purchased the most fantastic pair of shoes I have ever owned. They were green, strappy Mossimo sandals with a kitten heel. I found them at my favorite store, the store that my husband fears for the sake of our bank account…I found them at Target.

I wore those shoes with virtually every outfit. Oh, but please don’t think that I am that person – the person that seems to own just one pair of shoes, because I am not that person. I just loved those green sandals SO MUCH! You see, the three straps that crossed over the top of the foot were in two different shades of green, making them more versatile than most green shoes. I could wear them with the most casual of outfits or pair them with something a bit dressier, always adding that perfect splash of color. They were this girl’s best friend for several years.

The many days of wear began to take a toll on my shoes. The color was gone from the front, the heels were scratched and scuffed and I knew that they our time together may be coming to an end. It had been a good, long run. I took them to the shoe repair shop with every hope that they could resuscitate some life back in to my faithful companions. Sadly, they could not. Target had not had these shoes in years (I know because I check every time I go in to a store), so I turned the internet. My searches for a pair of these shoes in a size 6 (or 6.5; I could do 6.5) came up empty.

So I write to you today for several reasons.
1.To thank you for making the most fabulous pair of shoes I have ever – and probably will ever- own.

2. In hopes that maybe, just maybe, there is a pair of these fabulous shoes in a size 6 (or 6.5) stashed somewhere in a warehouse that you would be willing to part with. I’m not looking for a handout, I would pay for these shoes if they are out there.

3.To inspire the head shoe designer to create another pair of fantastic, green, strappy Mossimo sandals with a kitten heel.

Thank you for time.

Cheryl Clark

Encl: Shoe Photo
cc: Target Shoe Department

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lola loves the lovey, too!

Lola loves the lovey, too. Say that 10 times fast!
She has been known to steal Carly's burp cloths, but apparently now she is after her lovies, too!

Things I Do to Spend Less Money

I can hear my husband laughing as he reads this particular blog title. Whatever!

My friend Courtney sent out some link love. One link was on the blog, Domestic Cents. The title of this particular post was 30 Things I Do Daily to Spend Less Money. So I started thinking about things that I do to save money. I didn't come up with 30, but I did come up with a few, in addition to the ones on her list that I do as well.

1. We use energy-efficient light bulbs. Yes, it costs more initially, but they last longer and are better for the environment and your electric bill.
2. We use rechargeable batteries. Again, more cost up front but you quickly recover the cost AND they are better for the environment. Seriously, people. I swear by these things. They keep a charge just as long as regular batteries. We stocked up on every size for all of Carly's toys.
3. I give myself a pedicure and manicure. Sure, I still go to the salon occasionally but not every time I need a polish change.
4. I pack my lunch and eat leftovers. When you have a new baby, you don't want to cook every meal so leftovers become your best friend (and so does Hamburger Helper) and after a few months you no longer find nuked chicken rubbery and metallic-tasting. Is that correct term? Oh, well....
5. I try not to waste food. I plan dinner according to what is about to expire, grow mold, etc.
6. I try to do FULL loads of laundry rather than several small ones every few days. The same goes for the dishwasher. I pack it full before I run it.
7. I make my own wall art! And bows for Carly. (P.S. I am almost finished with another piece of wall art that I will post soon AND I perfected the two-ribbon bow, so stay tuned for those posts!)
8. I never pay with one dollar bills or change. I save them and stash them away until I have something I want to use that money for. Again, this is probably not really saving money, either - it's more like stashing money but it helped to buy us a king-sized bed, training for Lola and a few other things.
9. I garage sale. Every spring. At my mom's neighborhood garage sale. In the process, I de-clutter the house. BONUS! Is that saving money? It would probably be considered making money, but whatever. This is harder than it seems.
10. Freddy loves to use paper plates to get out of doing dishes. I prefer to use the regular plates and I force him to do the same - unless it's pizza night or we're cooking out with the neighbors.

I would really like to hear what everyone else does to save money, so post a comment and give me your best tips!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mommy just can't catch a break

All mommy wanted was to take a few good pictures. No such luck.
This is a good one, but let's get one without Lola going to the restroom in the background.

Much better.

I know that you want to take a picture, but I would rather suck my hand.
I'll let you know when I'm done.
You pull the hand out...and I put it right back in.

You want me to take this hand out of my mouth?

Should I look surprised?

Okay, I'll just look cute.

But since you're done...

Mommy wants another picture of us together, but what is that over there?
Seriously...It's kinda frightening. Okay, here's a keeper. Now back to sucking my fingers.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Whoa! No way it's been three months already!

Last weekend we met Rachel and Morgan for lunch. I wanted Carly to wear the adorable dress that they bought her when she was born. It's 0-3 months. It was too big.

But this last Saturday Carly turned 3 months old. We put her in a newborn onesie from Target (she has tons of them she has never worn because they were too big). It almost fits!

And since she was the big 3 M, she decided to show off and hold her own bottle.
A little while later we noticed her first boo-bo0. Don't know how she got it, but she did and it didn't seem to hurt her at all, so we'll take it.

Squeaky Clean and cute as heck

We think that Carly is super-cute all wrapped up in her hooded towel after bathtime, so we snapped a few pictures just to show her off.

She's going to fit in just fine

Put her in her Dallas Cowboys onesie and she is ready for football season!

Up to her same old tricks

Since I have been to work my parents have been keeping Carly. She loves spending time with Grandma and Grandpa, Freddy and I love being able to leave her with family and Lola loves having the company - and the chance to be sneaky again.
Perhaps after having me home for almost 12 weeks made her a little more attached me. When I came home the other day she had 9 pieces of dog food on the living room floor. Separation anxiety or just a fun game?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's new with Carly

What has Carly been up to lately? TONS! Growing, for one. You wouldn't believe how much she has changed, so I have some pictures to prove it.
She makes faces just like mommy makes.
She still likes to kick-kick on her play mat.

She still loves her lovey.

We think that her little legs are chunking up.

She still gets tired.

And smiles ALL the time.

Okay, not all the time.

She has her serious moments (check out those eyelashes).

We put her on her stomach, but she doesn't care for that much. She usually just falls asleep there.

She's growing her eyelashes. Really! Can you see how long they are? I am so jealous!

See? I wasn't lying. They are gorgeous!
She doesn't suck her thumb, but she does suck her pointer finger.

Sometimes she ups it to three fingers. And even her entire fist when she is trying to show off.

She still likes to have her hands by her face.

Lola has warmed up to her. She loves to lick her, but we all saw that one coming, didn't we? Good thing Carly doesn't seem to mind.

She's always cute.

She talks with her hands - and she talks a lot just like mommy and daddy.
She likes to give hugs.
She is an absolute JOY!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lunching with Friends

On Saturday we met Brian, Lesley, Hudson, Tovah and Chris at Joe T's for lunch. If Carly's awake, she is moving - kicking, moving her arms, turning her head, etc. So by the time we got to Joe T's, she had worked her headband down over her eyes.
Yes, she still curls her legs up tight. Cute, huh? Also, you can see her diaper in this picture (Hag, I know you're gonna say something about that) because, even though she is nearly three months old, most of her newborn outfits are still too big for her. And bloomers - we don't even try the bloomers because they just slide right down her t-tiny little waste and over her t-tiny little hiney.
Hudson loves Carly, and he especially liked her bow on this particular day. He kept touching it - very delicately - all afternoon. It was too cute. I told him that since his mom is having a baby girl in a few months (I know it's a baby girl, but we won't get that confirmed until Friday), I had lots and lots of bows for him to play with!

Stalker no more

I have already confessed to blog-stalking Amy. We have several mutual friends, but hhad never officially met until two weeks ago.

Amy read my blog about the hari bows and closet dividers and decided to try her hand at the art of bow-making. Like me, she quickly became addicted. She taught Kendra how to make the bows and now SHE is addicted. Since they make a different stlye of bows than I do, Kendra organized a Bow Party.

Carly didn't let me make many bows, but she did let us visit. Here are pictures of Carly with our new friend, Amy, who I no longer blog stalk since we now know eachother!

Carly loves the pretty bow that Amy made her, I promise. She's just upset because...Well, there was no good reason other than it being the evening and she was probably tired.