Friday, October 28, 2011

That Girl

I wish I was that girl. You know the one. The one who...

  • Donates blood on a regular basis
  • Takes fashion risks and pulls them off
  • Uses the key-finder string in her purse

  • Knows all the rules of AP style writing
  • Keeps her work email inbox empty at all times
  • Always has a clean car. And office, closet and house, too.
  • Can turn down brownies and cakes without blinking
  • Has many different ways to wear her hair - not just two like I do
  • Wore TOMS shoes when they were a cause,  not a trend.
These are my new trendy TOMS

  • Irons her clothes before hanging them up
  • JUST LISTENS and isn't thinking about a response while the other person is talking
  • Looks good in a baseball cap.
  • Is witty and always has a great comeback.
  • Can hold her liquor.
  • Can "name that musical artist"
Oh, that girl, with a little hard work and will power, maybe I can be you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Potty Training

At the beginning of October I decided to take a long weekend and potty train Carly. She had been showing signs of readiness for a while - Actually, she was already going on the potty (for MONTHS!), she just wouldn't tell us when she had to go. I opted for hard core potty training - No pull-ups. No padded panties. No mercy. I used lots and lots of positive reinforcement and never uttered a negative word. We high-fived and cheered her victories together. She was so proud and excited. And so was I.

Carly "threw away" her baby diapers and pull-ups (we gave them to our friend with twins just three months younger than Carly).

We played outside most of the time (better for cleaning up messes, my dear). 

Successes were rewarded with m&m's. I called her "non-successes" "learning opportunities."
note to soon-to-potty-train-mommies - I recommend Smarties instead of m&m's. I never knew that they could be so messy!

As an update: I am so proud of how great Carly is doing. She has mastered the home potty, the public potty AND the airplane potty. However, she does still have the occasional  "learning opportunity" at school, but we are seeing progress there, so I know that it is just a matter of time before she is 100% "learning opportunity" free. 

We could have never mastered the public potty without this beauty-  a foldable, portable potty seat that is perfect for little bottoms on big potties.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Interested in what I Pinterested?

My latest addiction is Pinterest. It's a virtual pin board where people share recipes, diy crafts, home decor, etc. Remember...I got the idea for my makeup brush holder and t-shirt scarf from Pinterest.

But the thing that I have made the most of...FOOD, of course!
I haven't taken pictures of all of the recipes I have tried, but here are a few:

They were pretty good, but I wish that it had been crispier like real fried food.
I guess that is the sacrifice you make for healthier food, huh?

This is my favorite recipe so far - and it was soooo easy!
I snapped this picture after we tore in to it, so it isn't too flattering. Oh, well. Still yummy!

Super yummy. Super easy. Marinara sauce for dipping is a MUST!
I packed these in Carly's lunch.
I also packed them up in my lunch and popped them in the toaster oven at work.

This was my first attempt.
Other than game-day foods like queso, meatballs or chili or my mother-in-law's pot roast recipe, I don't do much crock pot cooking. So when a co-worker of mine assured me that I could leave this in the crock pot all day while I was at work (as long as it is on low) and it would be okay, I trusted her. Wrong. It cannot.

My second attempt, which happened on a day when I was working from home and was able to stir it, was much more successful. This dish was delish! Although, next time I may not add the entire package of Italian Seasoning. 

I have tried a few other recipes and 36 recipes pinned to my food board (which I have named "Get in my Belly"). I guess I need to get cooking!

Monday, October 3, 2011

October To-Do's

My September To-Do's were...less than great.

I did do something crafty...It just didn't turn out as great as I wanted it to.

I kinda did something new and exciting with Carly...I potty-trained her! (more to come on that)
Okay, okay. I know that doesn't technically work and neither does "played with play-doh for the first time", so I guess I owe her one in October. I am already thinking about a trip to the zoo or the aquarium or a ride on the train from Grapevine to Fort Worth (and back).

I did not buy a skirt outfit, but not from lack of looking. I just didn't fall in love with any. The hunt continues.

On to my October To-Do's -

1. Take a sewing class (thanks, Pinterest, for the increased desire in learning how to sew)
2. Make a dry-erase board for the kitchen (thanks, Pinterest for the idea)

What are y'all doing this month?