Friday, September 25, 2009

Clark Landscaping

Our front yard landscaping needed some TLC. And a LOT of it! Freddy mows the lawn and weed eats on a regular basis, but neither one of us has taken an interest in the landscaping. Until last weekend, that is, when we couldn't take the ugliness anymore.
Ugly plants in the front row - Out.

Big rocks deep in the flower bed - Out. (this was my one and only job)

And this picture...this is a picture of the frog that tormented Lola all morning. Well, this one and about three others. What would she have done had she caught it? Yuck!

Pretty white stone things - In.
And now our front yard landscaping is presentable.
Some day, maybe next spring, we'll add another row of plants or flowers...

Thanks to our neighbors, Austin and Josh, for helping!
Thanks, Sara, for supervising.
Thanks to Melissa for...oh...well...never mind.


Katie said...

Nice improvements! And, OMG. My dog caught a frog once and was PLAYING with it! Catching it in her mouth, throwing it up in the air, then catching it again. Poor little amphibian.

Sara said...

Good job girl! :)

Do you still have the big bucket of 'trash rocks'... cause you know, I'm in the 'trash rock' business in my yard! lol

Andy and Sarah Curtis said...


Melissa Shaw said...

HEY... I watched... just from my own house!!

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