Monday, May 3, 2010

Front yard photo shoot

The weather on Friday evening was nice, so I grabbed Carly, a quilt, some toys and the camera and we set up on the lawn while we waited for Daddy to get home with the pizza (the fat-free kind, of course).
Sara walked down and made Carly smile.
The Papparazzi Mom strikes again!

Carly, who is your best friend?
She is!


Leah Hunt said...

Cheryl...your girl is just a little doll! I love her smile! What a blessing to have such a happy and adorable little thing. Congrats on your 13.1...I am TRULY inspired!

Lauren said...

Aww! She is sooo precious! Those photography classes are paying off! Great pictures! :)

*Kendra* said...

What a cutie pie! You take great pictures!

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