Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Fun

Halloween - Short, sweet and to the point.

Pumpkin patch in Lantana was AWESOME.
Great scenery to take pictures (can't tell by my pictures, though)

$5 for each adult got you admission and a train ride.

Surprise! Carly LOVED the train ride.

I carved a pumpkin. It's an owl that later fell IN to the pumpkin.
Surprise! Carly didn't like getting her hands dirty.

We tried to take a family picture - this was the best. Boo for me not opening my eyes.

Carly was a peacock. I made the costume.
I wish I had used a blue shirt instead.
The feathers in the skirt got tucked under and you can't see them very well.
Carly cried in all the pictures she took with me.
Surprise! Daddy got big smiles.
and so did Sara.
Did I mention she cried in the pictures with me?
We had some cute neighbor friends stop by.

And these are just some cute pictures I took of Carly that night.

Surprise! She opened her mouth for Lola's kisses.
I actually got cute pig tails in her hair!
Yes, her hair is long and there is a lot of it, but the hair on the top of her head is shorter and hard to pull back.

She uses her tippy-toes a LOT.

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Katie said...

Cute costume. Very impressive! Love Carly's eyes. So pretty.