Sunday, April 1, 2012

April To-Do's

In the past, when I have posted my monthly to-do’s, I normally update you on the last month’s to-do’s. Well, I think it’s time to start over. I have been terrible about completing my to-do’s. I have been even worse lately about actually…oh, I don’t know…posting my to-do’s – or any post for that matter.
So thus begins a new to-do list, complete with a promise to try my hardest to complete it. (Did you catch that loop hole?)

1. Make a summer wreath for the front door

2. Paint a canvas for my office (I’m thinking chevron)

3. Change my ringtone and text alert on my phone

4. Use (or at least book) the groupons and living social deals that I have purchased

What are you going to do this month?


Laney said...

all sounds like good ideas. wish I could paint. wish I could do something other than study and go to school. and clean. but doesnt look like that will happen til when i'm done with school and have a break for 1 mth

MELANIE said...

I'm going to check back in on your blog! I'm not the greatest at keeping up--I fib 90% of my post dates but I'm glad to have it and glad to see you back! not like you're busy with Carly and new jobs or anything ;)