Sunday, February 17, 2013

Carly's third birthday

Actually happened: March, 2013

I am smack-dap in the middle of planning Carly's fourth birthday. 
So, let's take a minute to flash back to Carly's third birthday. 

It was an art party that was supposed to take place on our back porch, but the wind was so out of control that day that we had to move the party into the garage. 

Of course, the color scheme was the entire rainbow! Even the fruit was arranged according to the color spectrum. 


Canvases weren't the only things that the kids got to decorate - their cupcakes were works of art, too!

 Carly had a lot friends and family there to celebrate with her. 

We hired a company to "teach" the "art lesson", so that gave us the opportunity visit. The kids seemed to love the Jackson Pollock art lesson and they left with their artwork. 

After the party, lots of people stuck around and the kids played in the back yard. It was so fun to watch all of my new and old friends interacting and all of our kids playing together. 

We did something different this birthday. Instead of presents, we asked guests to make a donation to Cook Children's. It's called the Peter Pan Birthday Club (at Cook Children's). Since Carly didn't NEED anything, this was perfect! She raised lots of money for sick kids, especially after applying for the $100 gift from the national organization. This is definitely a new tradition. 

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JKBro80 said...

Looks like a great party!! Love the idea of donations too.