Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dogs deserve clean teeth, too!

I like pretty teeth. That's why, after not wearing my retainer for...well, let's be vague and just say "years", I paid for my second set of braces in 2004. Adult braces. It was painful, but worth it.
So naturally it was upsetting to me to watch plaque build up on my dog's teeth for the past two and a half years. I tried brushing, but she just wanted to chew the tooth brush. We give her only dental treats, but still the plaque came.
I asked Freddy if we could have her teeth cleaned. He, having never had to have any dog's teeth cleaned, said no. It was too expensive. After a few months, I won the battle. Okay, I only won because I agreed to pay for it myself. So, check out the before and after pictures and let me know if you think it was worth it.



Andy & Sarah Curtis said...

WOW! They always tell me we need to have Amos' teeth cleaned but like Freddy, I think it is silly! BUT... Lola's teeth look GREAT! I may have to splurge and do this for Amos. Thanks for sharing!

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