Monday, December 8, 2008

Lola's Birthday

Lola turned 3 last Tuesday. Why, yes. She does share her birthday with Britney Spears. How observant of you. While they are both blond divas, my Lola has never shaved her head, she's fixed so she will never have puppies and lose custody of them, never been rushed to the hospital...etc., etc., etc.

Landri came over to wish Lola Happy Birthday...and get the advent calendar that I bought for her. It has chocolate in it, so she was super excited!

Lola got some yummy gourmet food. It was free with the birthday cake that I bought her and I split it up over four days so that she wouldn't get sick. (the sign above her doggie bowls says, "Dogs Laugh with their Tails")

She gets a birthday cake every year!

Don't mind me. I just finished a run, so I look like doodie. But I am maintaining a healthy pregnancy. =)

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Courtney said...

Way to go you, running and staying in shape during your look great! And I love the new picture of you guys!