Monday, December 8, 2008


Thanksgiving was at our house this year.
I kind of like it that way because
1. I don't have to travel
2. Everyone brings most of the food
3. I don't have to travel (did I already say that?)
In attendance this year: My sister Cathy and her husband Charlie, my sister Christy and her boyfriend Adam, my parents and Freddy's parents. Had my brother not been working, we would have had everyone there.
Christy and Adam

Cathy and Charlie

Charlie and the Brougham Sisters

The Brougham side

The Clark side

Thanksgiving day was also Christy's birthday.
You know you are a grown-up when you ask for things that belong in your kitchen!

Charlie BEGGED to drink out of our wedding mug.

Typical in every house, right? Men in the living room watching football while women are chatting it up in the kitchen.

Did you notice the sale ads on the floor? For the fifth year in a row, I braved the Black Friday crowds with my mother in law and her friend Susan. We also shop in Plano because they live in Wylie and I lived in Plano the first year we did this. Now I meet them when ever I get up.
This year I headed out my door at 5:45 am and stumbled back in it around 8:15 that night. I love Black Friday! This year seemed a little more crowded than years past, but that's what makes it fun right.
The only bummers of the day: JCPenney extended their door busters, so their computers went down for a while. make up for the wait, they gave us an extra 15% off. Also, we didn't make it in time for the door busters. Other than that (and a little rain), it was all in all a good day.

Oops! forgot about this picture. Me with my sisters.
When checking out the baby bump, please keep in mind that these pictures were taken POST Thanksgiving lunch, so I have a baby, some turkey and a lot of mashed potatoes and green bean casserole in there.

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