Thursday, March 11, 2010


I ran the Cowtown 10K! And I did it in 58:32! When I ran it two years ago I ran a 1:02:something.
It was freezing that morning, but that is perfect distance-running weather!
I have to admit, I felt slightly inadequate with my white 10K bib amid all of those purple half-marathon bibs and the whatever-color full marathon bibs.
Of course, I dragged Freddy, Sara, Austin and many others from my work along with me.
Freddy doesn't like to run, but he ran the 5K because I asked him.
He did, however, love the free beer they served after the race.
I even got a metal!

Sara and I after the race. Please excuse the poor picture quality.

As we were leaving, a man was handing out some XL shirts, so Freddy and Austin each took one.
Look what it says.

He did NOT run a half marathon!
Conversation on the ride home:
C: I don't know if I can run a half marathon.
F: Sure you can. I did.
I plan to run the half marathon at the Hills and Heels run in Irving on Sunday, May 2nd. Proceeds benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters. They also have a 5K and 1 mile fun run, so if you are interested in participating, please let me know.