Wednesday, March 17, 2010

T-Tiny turns ONE!

Warning: This post contains an obsessive amount of pictures.
Carly turned ONE (holy cow!) on March 13th. I remember when we first found out we were pregnant, other parents would tell us, "The grow up so fast". I thought, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever." I really thought, "yeah, yeah. Whatever." during those 6 weeks of colic! But now I totally get what they were saying.
I planned a polka dot party for the super-special occasion.
During the entire planning process I kept asking myself if I was going overboard.
When it all came together I thought that it was perfect - not too much, not too little.
Then I checked out the blog The Small Town Soiree. These parties put mine to shame! I got some great ideas that I wish I would have seen before the party. Oh, well. There is always next year.

Freddy was so proud of his contribution...the colorful cups. They did match perfectly!

My pride and joy - the polka dot chandelier. It was a take off of some Martha Stewart hand-made streamers.

Baby cake or cupcake for Carly? Baby cake, of course!

Oh, my cupcake toppers. I am also very proud of these!

High-Chair name banner.

The give-aways:
polka dot pinwheels


not pictured: candy necklaces.

Rolled plastic utensils. Why didn't I think of this years ago?!

We hung these in the garage (Hobby Lobby - I heart you!)
Photo board FULL of cuteness!

Carly had lots of friends and family that came to celebrate with her.

Emily is a few months older than Carly, so she is a pro at gift-unwrapping.
She showed Carly how it is done!

Ahhh...Mickey Mouse. Carly's one tv love.

And so began the meltdown.

We had a wardrobe change. Doesn't everyone?
Frosting was NOT getting on that cute dress. Not on my watch.

The meltdown continued.
Poor T-Tiny. She was tired, over-stimulated and TEETHING!
It took 30 minutes of rocking (and two failed attempts at laying her down) before she finally fell asleep for her afternoon nap.

Lola was over the party and under the table.

She fell in love with the polka dot rugs I borrowed from the playroom at work.
Guess I need to get her one. Where does one find a polka dot rug?

One three hour nap later and Carly was ready for round two of birthday cake.

She didn't like having all of that mush between her fingers, so she wanted me to wipe her hands. That was a first.
Daddy tried to illustrate the art of eating cake without hands, but Carly didn't want any of that.
Shockingly, her bow stayed in her hair for a whopping TWO MINUTES before it was out of her hair, in her mouth and covered in frosting.
And then came the clean-up crew. Lola.

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Carly's first birthday with us and to everyone who sent birthday wishes.

Now to start planning the 2nd birthday party...


Amber said...

You did so good!! Thanks for sharing that website! I need to start planning Helee's 3rd bday so it will be helpful!

Courtney said...

Congratulations on your one year Mommy anniversary! And you did such a great job with the decorations...that looks like it was such a fun party!

And if you think the first year went by fast, just wait for year will blow your mind!!

MELANIE said...

Such a CUTE party! What's a 1st birthday party without 1 meltdown anyway?!? Your decorations and Carly looked super cute!! :)

amandanbo said...

super cute first birthday for your girl! i love polka dots!
{check ikea for the polka dot rugs!}

Lauren said...

It's her party and she will cry if she wants to!!!!

Happy birthday, Carly!

(Cute decorations and theme!)

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