Friday, June 25, 2010

Things that happened in May

What else happened in May?
Well, we met baby Jonah for the first time.
Carly laughed

and looked


and kissed her sweet new friend.

And later she suckered Kelly and Joe in to pulling out all of Jonah's cool toys and playing with her.

We also met the Hamiltons at the museum.
It was especially fun for Hudson, but I think Carly and Colton were a bit young to really appreciate it.

Carly has a piggy bank on a shelf in her room that she points to every night. She likes to kiss the pig goodnight. So, when she saw this piggy bank, she had to kiss it, too.

Of course, there was also Mother's Day.

Carly even got to hang out with her aunts.

There you have it. May.

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