Monday, September 3, 2012


Alright. It has been long enough. I need to face the months of non-blogging and just do it! So, let's start with February. 

Carly, my sisters, brother and I flew to Minnesota (my parents drove) for my grandfather's funeral. More about him in my next post. 

Carly's hat and mitten finally got put to use! Burr...It was cold there!

We made it to the Mall of America and even rode a ride!

Carly was less than thrilled. Freddy may not be able to count on her as his roller coaster buddy when she grows up.

She got a bed all to herself. This time she didn't even fall out!

Mickey Mouse pancakes at Perkins, of course. I loved chocolate chip pancakes when I was little, so I ordered them for her. She didn't inhale them like I used to, even in the shape of her favorite cartoon character.

Despite the circumstances, we had some good family time. I always loved to see my uncle and cousins.  

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