Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on Lola's training

Lola had her second lesson on Monday and Alan (the trainer) was so impressed. He said it was like she was a completely different dog. She even let a dog walk all the way around our court without whining or crying or trying to play - she actually just sat when I told her to sit and watched him walk by. That is serious progress! But we aren’t ready to venture off of our street just yet.

We have almost completely (about 90%) broken her of jumping on people when she greets them. All it took was shaking an empty coke can duct taped with 14 pennies in side. We did that twice and she was so scared (It actually makes me feel bad)! Now all you have to do is pick up the can and she is a perfect angel.

Right now we are working on:
*Come – Every time I say to, not just when she feels like it.
*Waiting to go through the doorway until she is invited (in or out of the house)

Still to learn:
*How to go for a walk- past other dogs - without whining, crying and pulling
*Not barking at dogs as they pass by the window

I feel like the training is more for me than it is for her! I am so proud of her. She is such a quick learner. I have to say though, I am pretty proud of myself, too, because training a dog - really training a dog, is hard work...But it is paying off!


*Kendra* said...

Good for Lola! (and you too!) I'm still working on training Jeremy---I haven't ventured out on getting a dog yet! When are we going to do dinner?

Andy & Sarah Curtis said...

Nice work Cheryl! Can I send Amos to your house for boot camp? Give Lola a treat for us ;)

Lydia said...

Ceasar would be proud