Monday, July 13, 2009

Fourth of July

On the Fourth of July, Carly stayed with her first non-family babysitters - Sara, Austin and Jodi - while Freddy and I went to a wedding.

Just because she screamed her head off for the first 15 minutes doesn't mean she didn't like it. She just wanted to provide some free birth control.

So we handed off the screaming baby and we were off to the wedding of Jeni and Kody.
Jeni used to work at BBBS, so some of my-coworkers also attended the wedding.
Why, oh why did I wear a dress that makes me look like I am still pregnant?!

Jeni and Kody entered the reception by running through a "Just Married" buster poster. TOO CUTE - and sooooo Jeni and Kody.

Fun was had by all at the wedding and then we were off to pick up the munchkin. She was sound asleep when we got there.

She was also in the hall because her pack n play wouldn't fit through any of the bedroom doors. Ha ha!

I picked up my sleeping beauty and carried her down the street, back to our house.

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