Friday, July 24, 2009

Life changes bring on list changes

My life has changed some since I wrote my Thirty By Thirty List. I have new priorities, new dreams, new goals. So I altered my list to reflect this.
I'm gonna be honest with you for a second...I changed a few things on my list a few weeks ago and I forgot what I deleted. I think I deleted ride in a hot air balloon, visit Scranton, Pennsylvania and take a Spanish class. I have replaced them with
Try a new cuisine (Sara, I think you can help me with this one)
Start a Book Club
Write a children's book and submit it for publication.
Less than ten months to go!


Courtney said...

I love those new changes!!! And sign me up for the book club!

Sara said...

Ooooo, let's go eat lunch one day with the baby!!! Vietnamese food!

Do you like sushi? Tonight Peter and I are having some yummy sushi for our 7yr anniversary! I'm so excited!!! Ever been to Piranhas in Ft Worth? It's to die for, but MK's, by us, is good to.

Call me sometime dude... I miss ya!

Aunt Cathy said...

Hey! Like the new list... once summer is done, I'd also like to join the book club. You should try a site on - it's a social networking site that lets you post pictures, videos, blogs, music, etc. and would be great for book club collaboration (I have 2 sites of my own for teacher collaboration) People from all over the globe can join!
PS- I've got a GREAT idea for a Children's book that we could write together :)

Katie said...

I love your list. Wish I had done something like that. Oh well. It doesn't sound as good to do 33 by 33. ;)

MELANIE said...

I'd join your book club!! :) Yes, priorities do have the tendency to change...

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