Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Will the mommy-daughter photo shoots ever end?

With a baby as cute as Carly, I DOUBT IT!

Let me begin with some canine humor.

I decided to set Carly on the couch and capture the cuteness (mission accomplished!). My focus was on her. What angle would be best? Should I open the blinds behind her? Should I close them? How can I make her laugh? Smile? For twenty minutes (TOPS) I turned the camera, tickled the baby, snapped pictures, etc.

After the final camera click I turned around. There she was. Lola. She had something in her mouth and she was chewing it like she did rawhide treats. Wait. I didn't give her a treat. What IS that in her mouth?

NO! It couldn't be Carly's toothbrush! Oh, but it was.

I know what you're thinking - How did she get her toothbrush? Wasn't it in the bathroom? In a toothbrush holder high on the counter?

Well...I may have had it in the living room. What can I say? A mom will give her baby just about anything to keep her happy - as long as it is safe, that is. Plus, I really want her to like brushing her toothbrush. Brushy, brushy brushy!

Here is what was left:

And now for the cuteness. Let the ooh-ing and ah-ing begin!


Jodi said...

Oh my goodness, she is great. It looks this could be her portfolio. See, I can "do" happy, surprised, shocked, sly and sassy.
Sorry about the toothbrush- Lola missed being in the photos!

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