Monday, February 15, 2010

Christmas in February

Here we are almost two months later and I am finally getting around to blogging about Christmas. To be honest, I put if off for so long because I get really frustrated uploading a large number of pictures. I never do it right and always end up spending an extra 10 minutes reorganizing them. So I figured if I break it up it might make the process a bit more manageable.
Let's begin with Christmas Eve. As is the tradition, we spent it at my parent's house. Unfortunately, Cathy and Charlie were snowed in and couldn't get out of Wichita Falls.
Since Carly was only 9 months old, she didn't really get excited about opening presents, but she did love ripping the tissue paper and wrapping paper...and of course trying to eat it.

Carly tried pickles for the first time and ended up really liking them.

Freddy got a Cowboys "Snuggie" for Christmas and I LOVE IT when I am reading.

Grandma and Grandpa got Carly a princess chair. She loves to sit in it, but she isn't sure about the princesses quite yet. When we sat her in it she glanced over her shoulders and gave them a questioning look.
Carly loved spending quality time with Aunt Christy.

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