Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some things I skipped

So there I was organizing my digital pics when I came across an entire folder of fun blogging material that never made it to So here goes...One big blogging flashback!
Carly got her first professional haircut in early January. It was getting a little shaggy, hanging in her eyes and was longer in some areas than in others. We thought that a quick snip here and there would clean it up and help it grow in nice and neat. We took her to Pigtails and Crew Cuts in Southlake, a salon especially for kids.
Here are the before pictures. As you can see, we were nearing another baby mullet.

We plopped her down in to a plane. What little kid wouldn't like to have her hair cut inside a plane? Carly, that's who.

After a few minutes of SCU-REAM-ING, we moved to a chair - and daddy's lap.
We thought we were in the clear...

...until that lady with the scissors came back. Dangit.
That little baby was flinging her head left - right - up - down - back. She wanted none of it!

But when we were finished and the camera was on her again...
She was a happy trooper. She loves having her picture taken!
Carly doesn't like it when I wash her hands and face after she finishes eating.
She prefers to let Lola wash her hands.
(This pic was pre-hair cut).

Freddy and I love to have people over to watch football games. So when the Cowboys made the playoffs Freddy decided to go all out. As in out in to the driveway. He and Austin set up some tents? canopies?, hung some tarp and set up an industrial heater. Here's what they created...

I must admit it was quite cozy. Can you see the extra seating area by the new grill?