Thursday, December 9, 2010

December To-Do's

To do or not to do...How about half-do?
My November to-do list is half done. Actually, more than half. A few things on my list were WAY more time-consuming than I expected.
1. Organize my digital photos, including updating my digital picture frame.
Photos have been organized in to folders by year and sub-categories and saved to cds AND an external hard drive. I have not, however, updated my digital picture frame. But I will!

2. Clean out master bedroom, bathroom and closet from top to bottom.
I'm not talking about making my bed and putting away the laundry here, folks. I was moving furniture and vacuuming underneath, I dusted places that my eyes have never seen, I scrubbed everything by hand with a lot of elbow grease and I even broke out the Mr. Clean Magic eraser on the doors. Bedroom - Check. Bathroom - Check. Closet - no check. Okay, half a check, but it's Freddy half.

3. Fix/Replace the broken blinds in our bedroom and the ones in the kitchen that Lola chewed and ripped apart.
Thank you, honey!

4. Do something new, cool and fun with Miss Carly D.
We built a fort in the living room.

And now for December...
1. Finish my November to-do list
2. Make a homemade Christmas decoration
3. Organize recipes on my Demy (digital recipe organizer available on
4. Try a new recipe
There you have it, friends. Please hold me accountable and tell me what is on YOUR to-do list this month.

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