Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lola is FIVE!

Our first baby, Lola, turned FIVE on December 2nd.
Lola is sweet and has more personality than any dog I have ever known.
She is Carly's best friend and my running companion.
Best of all, she is going to live FOREVER. Yup, forever.
Of course I got her a cake! I get her one every year.
This year I accidentally ordered her a Large cake. Oops!
I cut it up, froze most of it and have been giving some to Lola every couple of days (she's had three "servings" so far).
This morning's conversation with Freddy:
(note: Lola sleeps in our bed, above my head, on my extra pillow - she's a Diva Dog).
Freddy: Lola doesn't need any more cake.
Me: Why not?
Freddy: I could smell peanut butter coming out of her pores all night last night.
Me: But I have half of it cut up in the freezer.
Freddy: Chunk it.
Personally, I don' t think that it was coming out of her pores. I bet he was just smelling her breath, but I didn't argue that point because I didn't think that it was a good one.

Happy Birthday, Lola!
I hope you enjoyed your cake, complete with a Carly hand print.


Melissa said...

oh my goodness, I am cracking up! I love the conversation between you and Freddy and could actually picture it happening. Miss you both! Tell Lola HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and Carly that I miss her like crazy! She is getting sooo big... I can't believe it.

chelsea said...

I like your blog!
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