Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do something Fun, new and exciting with Carly

One of the items on my November To-Do list was to do something new, fun and exciting with Carly.
As the clocked ticked down to December, I struggled to come up with something.
Originally, I had something GRAND in mind. Then I got to thinking- GRAND would likely not fly with my never-sits-still 20 month old. GRAND would go un-noticed by little eyes that are drawn to Christmas Trees in Wal-Mart rather than scenery.
So I came up with this: build a fort in the living room. Fill it with her favorite toys, give her popcorn, brownies and milk and Vwa-La!
Freddy built the fort. I made the brownies and popcorn.
Carly really liked it. Notice I didn't say that she loved it, but she really liked it.

She played and even kicked back in the fort.

But when the fort came crashing down, the flashlight stole the show.

Too bad I didn't get any pictures of daddy's shadow puppets.


Misti said...

I loved making forts growing up. A few months ago I made a mini-fort with my niece and she had a bunch of fun, so much that I bought her a tiny tent for Christmas! I hope she likes it!

Cheryl said...

Misti - I am sure she will love it. You are SUCH a good aunt.