Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holiday Tardiness

Why the tardiness in posting my holiday blog?
I wasn't sure the world was ready for it.
But I can't put it off any longer. Hold on to your pantalones, people (and wipe up the sarcasm I just dripped everywhere) because here it comes.
Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house, as is the holiday tradition. Cathy and Charlie weren't snowed in this year, so that was nice.

(above: Cathy, me and Christy - David was working and snuck in a little later).
The ONLY thing that Freddy wanted for Christmas was gift cards to Golfsmith so that he could buy new clubs. That's it. That's all. "Nothing else, Cheryl. ONLY gift cards to Golfsmith."
Of course, neither one of our moms could stick to that, so each of them bought Carly a set of golf clubs to tie Freddy's gift cards to. She loves to golf!

Lola also loves the golf clubs.

As the evening went on, Carly started to wear down. Or so we thought.
Around 8 ish she started to run a fever.
Gr-reat! Who asked Santa for a fever, anyway?
Oh, that's right. I remember reading that in my parenting book:
"Kids only get sick on holidays, while on vacations or on a day when mommy and daddy absolutely, positively, with no exception need to work".

So we packed her up, headed to the house and settled in for what we were sure would be a long night of fever-induced crying and wakefulness (is that a word?).
It wasn't that bad, but I did start Christmas morning off with a cup of coffee - in what is now my traditional Christmas Coffee Mug.

Carly - and her crazy hair- woke to living room full of wonderful presents.

Like her climb and slide.
Side note: the climb and slide stayed in the living room for two weeks. At that point we only moved it so that our guests wouldn't judge us.
I made Carly some more bows and she LOVED them (of course!). She wanted all of them in her hair at once.
Daddy got her a shopping cart. I'm not sure that he thought much about the habits he might be forming.
Freddy's parents were so sweet. When we called them Christmas morning to tell them that Carly was running a fever, they packed up all the food and gifts and headed our way so that we didn't have to travel with her. I guess that is one more benefit to Freddy being an only child.
Carly got a kitchen from Nana and Grandpa. I can't wait for her to learn how to cook for real. Truth be told, I really can't wait for her to be old enough for an Easy Bake Oven. I always wanted one and never got one, so I plan to live vicariously through her. I also plan to eat a lot of Easy Bake cakes because anything baked by the heat of a light bulb has to be gourmet - or at least pretty darn close.
Carly played all day like a fever-less child. Of course! I was worried my in-laws were going to think we were liars. But after her bath Carly began to whine a pathetic whine and actually let people cuddle her. Yesssss! Liars we are not.
I hope all of you had as wonderful a Christmas with your families as we did with ours - one whole month ago.


Katie said...

Awesome. Loved the drippy sarcasm. Funny funny. You're so right about the kids getting sick at horrible times. Thomas got strep on Christmas eve two years ago, and Anna woke up christmas eve this year vomiting. Seriously people.

MELANIE said...

You're so funny Cheryl and I'm glad you posted your Christmas, even if it was a little tardy. I totally agree with you and Katie that kids do get sick at the worst times!! :(

Lydia said...

Bobby got sick on Christmas, too!! So inconvenient! And that photo of Carly about to go down the slide just cracks me up!