Sunday, January 9, 2011

January To-Dos

Before sharing with you my January to-do's, I would like to update you on my December to-dos.
Create a new Christmas decoration.
What I had in mind was some hand-painted canvases for the table in our entry way.
I chucked my first attempt in to the trash can and returned the other two canvases I bought. I need Painting with a Twist - I can't do this on my own.
A little problem-solving produced a new Christmas decoration for the Clark house.
Our tree-shaped photo holder was overwhelmed with holiday picture cards, so...
$2 worth of mini clothes pins pinned to a mirror that already hangs in our entry way, and here is what you get...

Try a new recipe.
I tried TWO. Let the over-achiever comments begin! Seriously...I never get called that, so bring them on.
Anyway...Dish #1 Chicken and Dumplings. I've never had them before this. They were okay, but I'll take my spoon-fed comfort food in the form of potato soup, please.

Recipe #2: Chocolate mousse. I love to eat it, but have never made because I have always been intimidated by the "whip egg yolks until light yellow and stiff" kind of directions in the recipe.
The ingredients were few and simple. The recipe was much easier than I anticipated and it tasted PERFECT!

I did...
-finish organizing my digital pictures, but that is a never-ending project!
-start organizing my recipes on the Demy, but that is also a never-ending project!
My January to-do's are not very ambitious.
1. Try a new restaurant
2. Replace the (again) broken blinds in the bedroom
3. Create a new header for my blog

And, in typical Cheryl fashion, there has to be at least one to-do that I have to carry over to January - Finish cleaning my closet!

Cheers to a new year and new to-do's.


MELANIE said...

I have a recipe for you to try! I actually tried one!! (I'm trying to cook more...) And, let's try a new restaurant on Tuesday! You pick the place and I'm game!

chelsea said...

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keep posting.

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