Friday, July 1, 2011

More Potty Talk

This contraption pictured below is a BRILLIANT idea.

A toilet seat with a mini toilet seat built in to the lid.
There is a magnet that keeps the mini lid from flipping down whenever it feels like it.

No baby toilet seat that sits on the regular toilet seat that has to be taken off and put back on DAILY.
No awkward moment for house guests as they wonder if they should a)attempt to detach the add-on baby toilet seat or b) if they should instead try to work around it.

While it is the perfect size for most toddler tooshies, toddlers with a size 12 month waist find it difficult to keep their tooshie from falling through.
Toddlers who love routines and familiarity prefer their add-on baby toilet seat. But we're getting there.

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Team Best said...

A web link to purchase the potty seat would be amazing!!