Monday, August 15, 2011

August To-Do's

I guess the key to completing my monthly to-do's is "think small".
Last month I only had two to-do's:

1. Make bolognese sauce from scratch - Check
It was alright - but it was no Coalvine's Bolognese pizza!

2. See a movie by myself - Check
I saw Crazy Stupid Love and LOVED it.
Check out the release date of July 29 - nothing like waiting til the last minute.

As for this month -
1. Put my first year of blogging in to a blog book and actually order it!
2. Take Carly to get her first snow cone.

So, there you have it. My to-do's for this month. What is everyone else doing this month?

1 comment:

Aunt Cathy said...

Want to go zip lining with me in October? Girls trip... need to cross it off my bucket list!