Monday, August 29, 2011

Twenty Dollars Well Spent

Good buys. We all make them. I probably make more than the average person - but only because I make more purchases all together!

Anyway...Around Christmas last year I found a Leap Frog Zippity for $20. Those suckers retail for $80, so I snatched up. I love Leap Frog.

Anyway...the suggested age on it is 3. Carly is almost 2 1/2. The plan was to save the Zippity for a Christmas gift.

I didn't make it. We busted it out last week and it was a HIT! You would have thought the real, live Mickey Mouse was in our house. Carly was acting more excited than I did when I saw 98 Degrees in concert on 1998 - front row!


Amber said...

Is that like "Dance Dance Revolution" for kids?? I havent seen that! Good Buy!!

Cheryl said...

Amber - I guess it would be...for littler ones. We haven't downloaded any games to it, so we've just been playing the ones that came with it like Mickey Says and some Goofy's Dance Party something or another. But she loves it!