Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 3 month anniversary, Hagamans!

Anyone can post about a wedding right after it happens.
I am not just anybody.

I had to make the Hagaman wedding post special by:
1. accidentally deleting a bunch of great pics from my camera, including some really great shots from their wedding weekend.
2. posting this on their 3 month anniversary as a sort-of gift.

A good friend will always speak kindly about another friend's wedding.
My kind words? They are not an exaggeration.
This wedding was SPECTACULAR!

It had all the traditional elements with modern twists here and there.
Every detail was perfect - and there were a lot of details!

There was a surprise dance tribute that shocked and awed the bride and guests alike.

Lots of friends were present - mostly because we had to personally witness John Hagaman settling down.

Freddy was really nervous about his speech, but he did great! His friendship with Hag means the world to him, so I know that it was a challenge for him to put his emotions in to words.  We are just so grateful to have such great friends in Hag and Brittany.

Of course, there were more dance tributes as the evening went on.

At the end of the evening, everyone left well-fed, entertained, and full of happiness for the new couple -
John and Brittany Hagaman.

Thank you both for including us in your special day.

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