Friday, October 28, 2011

That Girl

I wish I was that girl. You know the one. The one who...

  • Donates blood on a regular basis
  • Takes fashion risks and pulls them off
  • Uses the key-finder string in her purse

  • Knows all the rules of AP style writing
  • Keeps her work email inbox empty at all times
  • Always has a clean car. And office, closet and house, too.
  • Can turn down brownies and cakes without blinking
  • Has many different ways to wear her hair - not just two like I do
  • Wore TOMS shoes when they were a cause,  not a trend.
These are my new trendy TOMS

  • Irons her clothes before hanging them up
  • JUST LISTENS and isn't thinking about a response while the other person is talking
  • Looks good in a baseball cap.
  • Is witty and always has a great comeback.
  • Can hold her liquor.
  • Can "name that musical artist"
Oh, that girl, with a little hard work and will power, maybe I can be you.

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