Monday, October 3, 2011

October To-Do's

My September To-Do's were...less than great.

I did do something crafty...It just didn't turn out as great as I wanted it to.

I kinda did something new and exciting with Carly...I potty-trained her! (more to come on that)
Okay, okay. I know that doesn't technically work and neither does "played with play-doh for the first time", so I guess I owe her one in October. I am already thinking about a trip to the zoo or the aquarium or a ride on the train from Grapevine to Fort Worth (and back).

I did not buy a skirt outfit, but not from lack of looking. I just didn't fall in love with any. The hunt continues.

On to my October To-Do's -

1. Take a sewing class (thanks, Pinterest, for the increased desire in learning how to sew)
2. Make a dry-erase board for the kitchen (thanks, Pinterest for the idea)

What are y'all doing this month?

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Lydia said...

Super into sewing right now. Although, I have to borrow my mom's machine and I don't have a great place to set up, so my projects are few and far between (maybe one every 5 months). But I found this book @ Michaels (cheaper on Amazon) - Going to ask for it for Christmas and start sewing away!