Friday, October 21, 2011

Interested in what I Pinterested?

My latest addiction is Pinterest. It's a virtual pin board where people share recipes, diy crafts, home decor, etc. Remember...I got the idea for my makeup brush holder and t-shirt scarf from Pinterest.

But the thing that I have made the most of...FOOD, of course!
I haven't taken pictures of all of the recipes I have tried, but here are a few:

They were pretty good, but I wish that it had been crispier like real fried food.
I guess that is the sacrifice you make for healthier food, huh?

This is my favorite recipe so far - and it was soooo easy!
I snapped this picture after we tore in to it, so it isn't too flattering. Oh, well. Still yummy!

Super yummy. Super easy. Marinara sauce for dipping is a MUST!
I packed these in Carly's lunch.
I also packed them up in my lunch and popped them in the toaster oven at work.

This was my first attempt.
Other than game-day foods like queso, meatballs or chili or my mother-in-law's pot roast recipe, I don't do much crock pot cooking. So when a co-worker of mine assured me that I could leave this in the crock pot all day while I was at work (as long as it is on low) and it would be okay, I trusted her. Wrong. It cannot.

My second attempt, which happened on a day when I was working from home and was able to stir it, was much more successful. This dish was delish! Although, next time I may not add the entire package of Italian Seasoning. 

I have tried a few other recipes and 36 recipes pinned to my food board (which I have named "Get in my Belly"). I guess I need to get cooking!

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