Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was WICKED!
Okay, maybe not wicked, but I needed a tie-in to this adorable picture of Carly and Lola - still besties!

Carly liked dressing up as Minnie Mouse this year. She probably would have preferred going as Mickey Mouse because he is her fav, but I didn't ask her. So Minnie Mouse it was. And an adorable Minnie Mouse at that!

She did not understand trick-or-treating. She was very skeptical about going up to doors and asking people for candy. She liked to hang back and watch the other kids and then Freddy or I would have to walk her up to the door. Maybe she will catch on next year? 

She got to see her friends all dressed up in costume, too.

Even Freddy got in to it - for about 2 minutes.

Of course we stayed with tradition and the neighbors all came to hand out candy at our house. We set up camp on the driveway, so the kids get fours houses worth of candy at once. They love it!

 Carly had more fun just hanging out with us, watching the kids as they walked up to get their candy. And also she got to hang out with Lola on the tailgate, which is much cooler than knocking on doors and asking strangers for candy that mom and dad will likely end up eating anyway.

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JKBro80 said...

That sure is one cute Minnie Mouse!!! She looks so grown up!!