Friday, November 4, 2011

October Happnenings

Some things that happened in October:

I got to meet Melanie's newest baby Benjamin Michael.
I left Carly, Freddy and their koodies at home because I didn't want them getting this sweet baby sick.
I held him for well over an hour and my womb was doing cartwheels the entire time. While I may no have full-on baby fever, I am feeling a few of its symptoms. And can you blame me? Ben is stinkin' adorable!

Melanie and I have known each other since elementary school and I am so glad that we have re-connected.

Carly has made up her mind on how pictures should be taken.
Outside. By the front door. And/or with Lola. 

 Our neighborhood had their first ever Halloween Carnival. Carly had fun with her friends.
In other news, Carly was scared to ride this tiny merry-go-round without holding my hand. Freddy and I were dare-devil children, so we dont' know where she gets that from!

Alexis, Brett and Carly
Our neighbor Becky helped organize the whole thing.
Fingers crossed that they don't end up moving back to Nebraska.

We busted out Carly's Cowboys shirt. The Cowboys have busted out a crappy season.  
And don't get me started on the Colts. Yes, she has a Colts shirt, too, but I might have to donate that one.
I think that Peyton Manning may be in the running for MVP despite not being able to play a single game this year. My football heart hurts.

But she is a gorgeous little Cowboys fan, is she not?

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