Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello, Brooks!

Earlier this month Carly and I brought dinner to our friends - The Blackmons: Chelsea, Ross and Cambree. I mean, if someone is going to let you hug on their newborn baby boy for an hour or two, the decent thing to do is bring them food, right? And hug and love on him I did. I only let that sweet baby boy out of my hands when Carly had to go to the bathroom - which was about 4 times in the hour and a half we were there. Why are "new" bathrooms so exciting to little kids?

These two friends need to have more play dates. They really like each other whenever we do get together.

Welcome to the world, James Brooks Blackmon!

Carly would have loved to have gotten her hands on Baby Brooks. She LOVES babies and can spot a baby carrier from a mile away. But since he was so new (just a few days old), I only let her touch his socks. But since I really talked up baby feet and baby socks on our ride over there, she was happy enough to just touch the socks. One day she will catch on to me and my games.

The Blackmons - a sweet, sweet Family of Four now.

Of course my baby fever is even worse now!

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