Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Melanie's daughter, Claire, turned FOUR! And she had the most adorable party - Pancakes and Pajamas!What kid wouldn't want to party in their pj's?!

They ate pancakes (of course) with cake and ice cream (of course) for dessert. They even decorated their own pillow cases with their names on them. This party was no yawn.

I had to check with Melanie to see which pajamas Claire would be wearing. Our taste in clothes for the girls is so similar that their closets are nearly identical and I didn't want to have a "Who Wore It Best" blog post.

Of course Melanie and I had to take a pic of us and the kiddos - minus. Brady. Where was Brady?

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MELANIE said...

That was a funy, easy party! Brady was probaby off with his cousin--the only other boy (besides Ben)!!