Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vegas - Part 1

Waaaaay back in January, we headed to Vegas with some of our friends to celebrate Freddy's 30th birthday. Yes, you did the math correctly - that makes me 28.

We started the festivities at the airport with the Finley's (Sara and Austin), the Garcia's (Mandy and TJ) and the Hangman's (Brittany and Hag John).

As soon as we landed in Vegas, I lost Freddy. Where did he go? To the nearest slot machine, of course.
This is where we met up with the Connally's (Andrew and Kacie) and Leslie.

When we booked our trip, some of us purchased packages that came with free tickets to a Cirque de Soleil show - Zumanity. A little ticket-trading and the purchasing of a few extra tickets and the girls ditched the guys for a (RACY!) girls night. Seriously, don't see this one with your mother.

If ever you couldn't find me, you had to look no further than the closest Sex and the City slot machine. Those beasts are addicting! "I have to get a bonus. Have another 20, you stupid machine. I am not getting up until I get a bonus".

My persistence paid off and I on just over $240, which I quickly raced up stairs and locked up in our safe.

Freddy and I have been to Vegas before, but it was still fun to do all the normal sight-seeing. And people watching. Who doesn't love the people watching in Vegas?!

Hag and Brittany

Kacie and Andrew

Leslie and Kacie

Austin and Sara

TJ without Mandy. She wasn't feeling well. Isn't there always someone who gets sick on vacation?

Me and Freddy

Of course we hit up the stores for some serious shopping. Since we sent the boys on their way, we were free to buy whatever we wanted. I contemplated all day about whether or not to buy Freddy and ipad for his birthday (with my winnings). I can't ever spend more than $100 without serious contemplation - and to have to do it without bouncing it off of Freddy first made me ever more anxious. Stay tuned to see if I cracked...

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