Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vegas Part 2

Did I tell you about the celebrities that we met in Vegas?...

Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Carly thinks that we are sooo cool now! Not that she didn't before, but you should have seen her light up when she saw this picture. I won't tell her that they were likely drunken, middle-aged men down on their luck and making ends meet by dressing up in filthy, stinky costumes on Fremont Street. No, I will let her believe that mommy and daddy are so cool that they know Mickey and Minnie personally.

So, this year we made a point to make it down to Fremont Street because the blisters on my feel kept us from making it there the last time we were there.

It was totally worth the cab limo fare.

We were tourists to the 100th degree. Cameras were out in full force.

Austin won a little money betting on football. And betting on football was one of the reasons why we chose this particular weekend to go to Vegas. Freddy really wanted to go during the NFL playoffs.

Of course the girls did some more shopping. And more Sex and the City slot machines.

Of all of the wonderful things to see in Vegas, this floral...picture?...was one of my favorites. I thought that it was SO COOL!


The girls (minus Mandy who still wasn't feeling up to par) near the end of our day of shopping.

And, yes. Yes, I did buy Freddy that ipad. We had to haul our cookies to the mall at the end of the strip and wait in a very long line, but I got it. I did not, however, get a good picture of me at the apple store thanks to the swarms of other apple customers that were in and out of the store.

And then we got picked up in style - a stretch hummer limo that our hubbies took back to the hotel from the golf course. Lucky for us they sweet-talked the driver in to picking us up ALL THE WAY at the other end of the strip from our hotel. Our feet were very thankful.

Of course we went out later for a nice dinner together and I busted out the camera to take pictures of everyone.

Austin and Sara
Mandy and TJ

Kacie and Leslie

Freddy and Hag

Freddy and me

Sara and me
Freddy, Hag and Andrew
Andrew, Kacie and unborn baby Jaxon
We liked to hit the slots together - strength in numbers, right? Or maybe it was because when you were watching someone else bet their money, it meant that you were holding on to your own - at least at that moment.

Me, Kacie and Brittany

Me and Hag - people-watching buddies. It's what we love to do together.

So there you have it, four months later - that was our super fun trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Freddy's 30th birthday with friends.

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