Friday, June 1, 2012

Carly's Birthday Weekend

We made Carly's THIRD (yikes! when did that happen?!) birthday weekend extra special.

We ventured out to Grapevine Mills Mall and she rode the carousel. She liked it okay as long as daddy was right by her side, holding tight.

Then we did something that I may come to regret- we took her to Build a Bear (with a coupon, of course). I am hoping that I didn't start a new addiction. But, hey! Better Build a Bear than American Girl, right?

We let her pick out her teddy bear and all of the clothese.

She picked out a giggle to put inside. The bear stuffer forgot to add it, so poor Harper had to have surgery before she was even 5 minutes old.

Her favorite part was the bath. Harper had quite a few of those while we were there.

She even got to ride one of those! the middle of the mall. She was semi-thrilled.

And when we got home she planted the strawberry plant that bought her - because she can eat her weight in berries - especially strawberries and blueberries.


Katie said...

We love build-a-bear. And I've lost count how many of those things we have. They've made every dog that place has ever offered I'm sure...;)Can't believe she's 3!

Lydia said...

Bobby and Carly are two peas in a pod! The Carousel usually scares him and his favorite 'mall ride' was Clifford that goes back & forth. The race car (that went up/down/left/right) was way too 'ser-wy'!