Sunday, June 3, 2012

T-Tiny smiles for the camera

I have discovered something wonderful. I have discovered how to upload entire blogs worth of pictures from Picasa in a matter of seconds. No more adding them one by one and waiting MINUTES for them to upload. It is GLORIOUS. I was able to upload a bunch of pictures on to blogs and save them as drafts so that, when I found time, I could just type out the commentary and hit publish.

Seriously, this is greatness. Now that I have discovered this shortcut, I won't procrastinate on blogging just because it is a whip to upload pictures.

Anyway...As I was looking through my 25 blog post drafts, I found this. This unpublished post that is full of totally cute pictures of our t-tiny. She must have been around 7 months old, I am guessing.

So, enjoy this flashback to cuteness.

1 comment:

MELANIE said...

She sure was T-tiny!!!!!