Friday, February 27, 2009

Doggie Summer Camp

Lola is a good, sweet dog with the best personality ever! To know her is to love her. Really love her. But put a leash on that dog and it's a different story.

Last year Alan came to our house to teach me to teach Lola how to heal. I worked with her for weeks on our court and she became a pro. Then I took her off of our to our neighborhood...And, well...She didn't behave as well as she did on our court.

Progressively, it got worse. If she saw, heard, smelled or even sensed another dog, she went crazy. She whined, she cried, she pulled and when you made her sit in an effort to calm her down her whole body shook. I would try to wait it out. No dice.

A few weeks ago I almost cried REAL TEARS because I was so frustrated. All I wanted to do was walk my dog. Why did it have to be so difficult? Would I be able to walk her and push a stroller? I knew the answer to that was a big fat heck no!

Knowing how upset I was Freddy suggested sending her to Alan for two weeks. He trains dogs for a living. I really didn't want to because I didn't want her to be gone for two weeks. Hello, I am an emotional pregnant woman! After much consideration, I caved. I knew it was in her best interest - and our family's.

So the Saturday before last we dropped Lola off at what I like to call Doggie Summer Camp - in the late winter/early spring. Freddy wanted to call it Doggie Boot Camp, but let's face it. While the end result of any boot camp is probably nearly always positive, no one likes going through a boot camp. Doggie Summer Camp it is.

It has been over a week and I am doing better than I thought I would about not having my dog around. As for Lola, that' another blog. Otherwise, this one would go on forever!

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Natalie said...

I stalk you too!! If you read my blog then you've probably seen my 30x30 list... yep, totally ripped off from you. :)

Thanks for the compliment and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!! (and trust me, you'll be the hero of the party with the pizza by the scoop... everyone LOVES that stuff!)