Friday, February 27, 2009

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars, people, because Baby Carly Dilyn , Mallory Dilyn or Dilyn Breighanne will be here via c-section on Friday, March 13th at noon.
Yup, we know. Friday the 13th. It's supposed to be unlucky. "Fooey", we say! The 13th is a great date! It just so happens that Freddy and I were married on the 13th, August 13th that is. Our options were Wednesday at 5 pm or Friday at 7 am, noon or 5 pm. Since I wouldn't be able to eat after midnight, I said heck no to all 5 pm appointments. It wouldn't have been pretty. We also opted not to have to be at the hospital at 5am. We know that we won't be getting much sleep the night before, but we at least want the option to sleep in one last time.
As of yesterday, this little girl was kinda transverse (sideways in my tummy). So she moved a little but not to the position that she needs to be in.
Now for some pregnancy funnies:
Note: Freddy is an only child and really hasn't been around babies at all.
This conversation took place a few weeks ago:
F: What time will the baby go to bed?
C: Every three hours.
F: Hmmmm.
This conversation took place at work between myself, pregnant co-worker Lauren and non-pregnant Shelby.
L: I am dilated to 1 1/2.
C: How far does it go? 10?
L: Yes, 10.
S: Holy Crap! That's almost a foot!
L: Centimeters, Shelby. Not inches.
Last night Freddy watched a c-section on youtube. I look away from the tv an average of 10 times per Grey's Anatomy episode, so I wanted no part of it. Later Freddy was trying to explain it to me.
F: They make several incisions, cutting layer by layer.
C: More than one cut?
F: Yeah, they don't just gauge you!
C: Okay. Go on.
F: Then they cut you this way and it all just kinda falls back out of the way - kinda like when you are skinning a deer.
C: I've never skinned a deer.
F; It would be easier to explain this to you if you had.


Katie said...

Yay! How exciting! I have a 13th baby. Rose is June 13th. Can't wait to see pictures of she who has yet to be named.

MELANIE said...

Yeah! Baby girl has a birthday! Funny conversations too. Can't wait to see her hair!! :) Maybe she will end up with "Claire hair"?!?

Cheryl said...

You have no idea how much I want her to have Claire hair!

jessib3 said...

C-sections are a piece of cake to get over! I am four weeks postpartum and begging someone to let me go back to work! Good luck and we can't wait for pics!!!