Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update Madness

First...Thank you to everyone who posted kind, encouraging words about the post below. Your support is much appreciated.

Now on to some fun stuff.

Two weekends ago Freddy and I met Sara and her family at the Botanic (not Botanical as I have always thought) Gardens. I brought my new fancy camera and we took turns taking pictures of each other. I was 8 months preggers (36 weeks) in these pictures. Here are my favorites from that day. Thanks, Sara!

Yes, I was wearing kitten heels. I have the same pair on today and I wore heels yesterday, too. If they fit (and some are a little snug), they are more comfortable than flats. Plus, flats give me more of the pregnancy waddle.

Other pregnancy facts you may or may not be curious about:

I burp ALL the time. It's indigestion and Freddy always says that he really hopes that will go away when the baby gets here.

I've only gained 17 pounds (15 if we're going by my scale and not the doctor's).

The specialist told me to eat lots of ice cream (and protein) to help fatten up the baby's abdomen. My choice: Chocolate Milk Shakes from Steak N Shake. Yum!

I quit walking because I don't want to burn any calories that could help the baby's abdomen grow. Plus, I have SO much to do still at night. Every extra minute is valuable.

My hair has little "fly-aways" at the top of my head now. I hate them, but it's nothing that a little product can't handle.

My skin drinks up moisture. They had to reapply the sonogram gel twice (that's three applications total) last week. I go through one 4 oz. container of Mother's Friend (the best stretch mark prevention cream EVER!) every two weeks.

The shirt that I wore on Tuesday was NOT maternity. Okay, now I'm just bragging! Just to offset the bragging - I wore that same shirt before I was pregnant and was asked if I was pregnant. No. But thank you. JERK.

Freddy says that lately I have been snoring at night. I hate snoring and I am so glad that I married someone who doesn't snore (unless he has had a few beers and is REALLY tired). I really hope that I stop after I have this baby. Or that he's lying.

I feel really good and am thankful for having such a healthy pregnancy.


misti said...

You are looking great Cheryl! Sara should set up a portrait photography gig!

As for the shirts, those hippie/flowy sort of shirts with all the belly room are great and one of my coworkers wore them a lot instead of going for maternity clothes, but yeah you do end up with the whole 'are you pregnant' thing even if you aren't!

Good luck and I know things will come quickly for you and the baby! :)

Sara P. said...

First, thanks for not posting the pic of me chewing my face!

Second, you look freakin' fabulous pregnant!

And Third, I wore heels up to the very last day... with both boys, so you just keep rockin' those kitten heels chica!

Hag said...

Did you take any pictures without your hand on your belly??

Sara P. said...

hahahaha... the hand comment, lol!