Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tiger Beat Confessions

You remember Tiger Beat, don't you? It was that Kirk-Cameron-and-New-Kids-On-The-Block-clad magazine that was SO cool among the tween scene in the late 80's, early 90's. Come on, you know you read it. Or maybe you were more of a BOP magazine kind of person. Either way...Think Tiger Beat and BOP while reading this post.

Tiger Beat Confession:

My name is Cheryl Clark and I downloaded the new Jesse McCartney song on to my ipod yesterday. Since then I have listened to it about 6 times. Yes, I popped in the ear plugs while my newborn baby girl was napping.

But my confession doesn't end there. I never would have heard that song had it not been in a commercial for the new season of the ABC Family tv show, Greek - which I have watched since the very first episode, which Jesse will be on this season. I love it! And it has North Texas ties. One character (Cappie)went to Collin County Community College and another (Evan) is from Dallas. And she isn't from North Texas, but Casey is Kelsey Gamar's daughter.

Okay, it's not very accurate when it comes to Greek life, but it's still a good show. I mean, everyone knows that you can't call it Rush anymore, that the new member (NOT pledge) process doesn't take an entire school year and Franny can't deactivate the sorority and start a new one - at least not one that is recognized by panhellinic.

I'm off my sorority soap box now. Here's the Jesse McCartney video. Enjoy!

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