Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Every Baby is Different

I could make this blog a play by play of Carly's life, but the only people that would appreciate that would be her grandparents, aunts, etc. so I will spare you. Here are some pictures to start off the blog.

When I was pregnant I got a lot of advice. I appreciate it all. I took in what I wanted and disregarded the rest (another piece of advice that I got once). Well, once Carly was here we got more advice and more instructions. Again, I appreciate it all. I like to take in as much information as I can.

The most frustrating part of having a baby, for us anyway, has been the different instructions we got from the professionals. Every nurse at the hospital had different "instructions" on feeding, sleeping, etc. It has been hard to figure out what to do, but we are making our own choices and they seem to be working for us. She sleeps and eats so well!

So, the best advice that I have gotten (and I have gotten this piece of advice quite a few times) is: Every baby is different. Do what works best for you. Of course, I am a questionaholic. I ask all my mommy friends for advice. For example, poor Sara has been bombarded with my questions about feeding, eating, pumping, etc. Sara did Baby Wise like I am trying to do. She charted her baby's sleeping, eating, pooping, peeing, etc. just like I am doing. She still has her charts and I actually asked her to copy them for me - just for reference and reassurance!

Sorry for the picture, Shelby. It was the only one I had.

And now I would like to finish off this blog with a thank you.
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Thank you, Freddy, for being the most amazing, supportive, caring husband ever. You are THE BEST. I will cry when you have to go back to work tomorrow. When I married you I didn't think that I could love you anymore but somehow, in the last 5 days my love for you has grown. I am bursting at the seems with love for you and our daughter.

I am lucky to have you for my husband. Carly is lucky to have you as a father. We love you, we love you, we love you.


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh, when you started talking about how wonderful Freddy is I started to tear up!

And how awesome that Carly had so many family and friends there to welcome her into the world! So sweet!!

Sara said...
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Sara said...

That's so sweet Cheryl! Isn't it amazing the love that grows with a new baby? I remember feeling the same way and welling up with tears all the time! And when Riley came, I thought, how could I love anything more than what I already have? But it's incredible, because the love truly grows even more with each little angel!

Anyway, you're cute, and thanks for asking for advice... I secretly love it! It's so cool that I have dates and times for EVERYTHING! It's like a window into the past... I feel like Lathan's all grown up, and it really did make me smile to have my memory jogged so clearly.

Email me if you cannot read the excel attachment I sent you, I can cut and paste if I need to. And if you're wondering what happened to my first comment... I had to delete it because there were so many grammar errors it made me sound illiterate! Guess I need more coffee! lol